Très Bien HQ playlist - Lil Wayne

Growing up in Sweden and listening to hip hop during the 90s, we heard a lot of East coast rap. Besides Tupac, Ice Cube, Souls Of Mischief and maybe some The Pharcyde, it was all coming out of NYC. Back around that time it was quite rare for southern hip hop to get much attention in Europe. Chances are you picked up Lil Wayne's Da Block Is Hot a few years later than its release back in '99 as sound started to shift into the millennium.

That said, for as long as we've been doing Très Bien, Lil Tunechi have been part of the soundtrack. With the arrival of Tha Carter V we’ve put together a new version of the Très Bien HQ playlist made up of our favourite Weezy songs. Though some of his best material can’t be found on Spotify and is from his slew of mixtapes (Drought 3!), this is a pretty nice selection.

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