Très Bien was founded in 2006 by brothers Simon and Hannes Hogeman together with Björn Lindén and Jakob Törnberg. Pioneers in menswear retail, Très Bien focused on streetwear rooted in 90’s sportswear and US culture, along with European fashion. Blurring the line between streetwear and high end fashion quickly earned Tres Bien widespread recognition and a vital position in the current menswear revival.

In 2014 Très Bien introduced the eponymous ready-to-wear line. Defined by a fusion of classic cuts and sportswear, the line also references the Très Bien DNA of music, counter culture and present expressions. Focused on high quality and returning styles, the collection is product-oriented, rather than revolving around seasonal themes.

What started out in 2006 as a menswear fashion retailer, has now grown into a movement including the Très Bien collection, high-profile collaborations and a physical store in Malmö, Sweden. The influential e-store continues to be a benchmark in fashion, while Très Bien products are available at some of the best stores in the world.