Luca Lozano mix for Très Bien


A new mix for Très Bien just arrived from Luca Lozano, the DJ and producer behind the Klasse Wrecks multiverse. And it’s something quite special. The mix, as Luca himself puts it, is "made up of 100% unreleased tracks I have, some hiding in folders for years now".

For those who don’t know, Luca Lozano has been a fixture of the underground club scene for some years now. His wide taste spans from dingy acid, breakbeat and jungle to raw techno and electro. His other career in graphic design (under his Planet Luke guise) has also elevated and connected dots between a multitude of projects he’s been involved in over the years. As we recently met up, we felt we had to pick his brain about a few things.

TB: We’re kind of baffled by how much good unreleased stuff you’re sitting on.

LL: Haha yes I was kinda surprised also, I have so much stuff sat unfinished (or in this case, finished but awaiting a return listening session) and I ended up going down a rabbit-hole of music that I've made over the last years since moving back to the UK. There's 100s of ideas and projects close to completion and I like have that arsenal of music waiting in the ranks. My ego swings wildly up and down and I like it when i re-listen to something I've made a few years ago and it still stands the test of time.

TB: Those hardware jam sessions with DJ Steve seem to have been quite fun.

LL: Working with DJ Steve was very inspiring as we were working under quite strict limitations. He has an amazing studio and doesn’t generally use plugins or any digital FX. We decided to record long hardware jams and then lightly edit things on Logic afterwards. What you hear is quite raw and unpolished and close to the original jam session, we would assign ourselves different machines... I would man the DR202, 909 and maybe do some pads on the Juno and Steve would take care of the 101 which would be sequenced by the 808. We had a few late nights in the basement with some beers on the go... I think good things came of those sessions.

TB: You were in Malmö recently and hung out at our HQ shop. What's your impression and relation to the city in general?

LL: I get a good feeling from Malmö, I've been visiting since the graffiti days of the early 2000s. For me it feels quite similar to where I live in Sheffield, similar size, similar industrial background... friendly people and a certain unpretentious atmosphere hanging around. It seems people have less to prove and are a bit more in tune with humble frequencies.